Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Who Holds the US Debt?

Below is a chart showing who holds the US National Debt.  The numbers are from the end of the year, but things have not changed that much in the last five months.  About 2/3s of our debt is owed to ourselves if you throw in the Fed.  In terms of foreign countries China holds the most at about 7.75% of our National Debt followed by Japan at about 7.1%.  The Social Security Administration holds about 16.5% of our debt.  

I found this chart at a really interesting website called http://www.connectthedotsusa.com/.  I strongly recommend that you visit this site for some interesting perspectives on our current economic and financial situation.  In addition to the individual slides the author has some fairly well written presentations.

From http://www.connectthedotsusa.com/images/FavSlides/FedBudget/DebtWhoHoldsIt.jpg:

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