Sunday, November 11, 2007

Comments - Keep It Clean Folks There Are Women and Children Watching

I read through your comments and I really appreciate the spirited debate on the mortgage industry. I thought it was excellent. It is only by debating your point of view that you find out if your point of view will hold water. In my mind everyone in a debate is a winner, whether you win or not.

When I was still at home living with my folks a looooong time ago the dining room table is where everything was debated, usually in loud voices. The rules for our dining room table debates, which also apply on this blog are:

1. No swearing (a rule my father broke regularly).

2. No calling one another names (something my brothers and I practiced regularly, usually resulting in punishment).

3. No interrupting (glad that can't happen here)

and I added a fourth:

4. No advertising.

This afternoon I took down a few comments, mostly for name calling. Please don't be offended. There is a lot of stress in today's uncertain economic environment. We will all live through this one.

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