Monday, November 5, 2007

A View of the Coming "Global Crisis" From Europe

I am not sure what to make of the Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin published by the European think tank LEAP/Europe 2020. It seems to believe that the we are headed for a global economic crisis, that will basically change the nature of the world as we have known it since 1945. They are certainly not afraid to commit to dates and points of view, so from that perspective I always like to stop by and read their material. Below is a summary of their most recent forecast. If anyone knows anything about this group, I would like to hear more about them. From GEAB #18:

Since the existence of a global crisis has been generally acknowledged, the course of events of the impact phase of the global systemic crisis has become more accurately anticipable. The psychological factors involved as well as the possible types of actions and reactions, cast a lot of light on the upcoming processes.

Today, LEAP/E2020 researchers have come to the conclusion that the impact phase of the ongoing systemic crisis would be longer than they anticipated a year ago (cf. GEAB N°8). Indeed, the magnitude of the first banking financial shock felt last August indicated to our team of researchers that the impact will develop under the form of seven sequences or seven major shocks affecting sometimes specifically the world's main regions.

The phase of impact will spread over at least two years starting from April 2007 « tipping-point » (cf. GEAB N°12) until the end of 2009. Then will begin a so-called “settling” phase (cf. GEAB N°5) corresponding to the emergence of new sustainable global order equilibriums.

Until June 2007, previous issues of GEAB anticipated and described the system's sinking down and warned against upcoming collapses. From now on, our team will focus on anticipating the development of the seven sequences of the collapse.

In this month's issue of the GlobalEurope Anticipation Bulletin (N°18, October 16, 2007), these sequences are desbribed in nature and timing. This timeline has also been gathered in a synthetic chart.

This public announcement provides the full description of the first sequence in addition to the complete list of sequences.

Sequence 1 - US debts infect the financial planet: A century after the « Russian loans”, meet the “American debts”!

Sequence 2 - Stock market collapse, in Asia and the US mainly: between - 60% and -30% in two years according to the regions

Sequence 3 - Bursting of global housing bubbles: UK, Spain, France and emerging countries

Sequence 4 - Monetary storm: Volatility at the highest / USD at the lowest

Sequence 5 - Global economy in stagflation: Recessflation in the US, soft growth in Europe, recession

Sequence 6 - « Very Great Depression » in the US, social unrest and the militaries' growing influence on public affairs

Sequence 7 - Major acceleration in world's strategic rebuilding, attacks on Iran, Israel on the brink, Mid-eastern chaos, energy crisis

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